Ultimate Addon for Beaver Builder is translation ready out of the box. This means that all the strings in the plugin can be translated to your language very easily. In this article, let’s explore how you can get it in your own language.

Contributing your Localization through GlotPress

We maintain our translations on a GlotPress project. If you want to contribute translations to your language, just register for an account on the same GlotPress project and start contributing the translations.

When any language is more than 90% translated we add that language to the plugin so that it is available to all the users. But if your language is not 90%  translated, you can still download the language manually and start using it, We encourage everyone to contribute translations so that all the users will benefit from it.

Downloading translations manually

Head over to http://translate.ultimatebeaver.com/glotpress/projects/bb-ultimate-addon/ and look for your language in the list.


Now scroll down on the page where you will see the options to export the translations

  1. Select the format to be ‘Machine Message Object Catalog  .mo’ and then select export.


Make sure name of the exported file is <YOURLOCALE.mofor example, Great Britain English should be en_GB.mo

Upload the file on your server

The file that you just downloaded should be uploaded in –

Notes –

  • The language of your WordPress installation should be the same as you want for our plugin. To change the language of WordPress, go to – Dashboard > Settings > General.
  • The file should have a correct name so WordPress can read it. You may refer this article for more information.