Third party sync allows you to synchronize your local campaign users to your third party mailer list. By default, it synchronizes only EMAIL field.

If you want to synchronize other fields, you need to keep same FIELD NAME in your form & third party mailers.

# Steps to synchronize custom fields from Benchmark Email

  • Log in to your Benchmark Email account and navigate to Contacts > Lists.
    Click on the edit icon  for the list in which you want to add the custom fields.


  • Click on the Advanced button to see the fields in your contact list. You can now update the name of the fields in your list.


  • It is mandatory to match this Field Name to ConvertPlug Form Tag Name.

The fields should have tags as shown below.

Sr. No. Field Name Field Tag (To be added to ConvertPlug Form)
1. First Name firstname
2. Last Name lastname

For more information about Benchmark Email’s custom fields, check here.

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