Third party sync allows you to synchronize your local campaigns with your third party mailer lists. By default, it synchronizes only the EMAIL field.

If you want to synchronize other fields, you need to use the same FIELD NAME in your form & third party mailers for every individual field.

In order to sync multiple Fields with AWeber, you need to follow the given steps.

I. In AWeber

i. Click on List Options and then Custom Fields

Open List Options in Aweber

ii. Refer to the Field Names

Refer Field names in Aweber

II. In ConvertPlug

i. Create and Design a Module. Open it in the Editor. Click on Form Designer

Select Form Designer tab in ConvertPlug Editor

ii. Add a New field

field name in ConvertPlug Editor


– Make sure that name of the field is the same as that of the corresponding field in AWeber.

iii. Save and Publish


For more information about Custom Fields and attributes in AWeber, click here.