The article below explains, how easily you can provide site access to us in a secure way, so that we can fix the issues faced by you asap.

Q. What is developer access?

Developer access is a simple and fast method to grant us access to your site without usename and password.

We ideally need this developer access when you have a ticket open with us in our support center so if necessary, we can access backend of your site and get more information on your question.

Q. Where can it be found?

Below screenshot will give you the exact location where Developer access could be found.


Q. What happens when developer access is granted?

When you grant us an access to your website, a unique & very secure access token will be generated for us. We receive this token on our secure APIs. This is in no way related to your password or any confidential login information and you may at any time revoke this access which invalidates the token and it will no longer be usable.

This access is valid only till 15-days from the time of granting access.