We promise timely support for all our products sold on the Envato marketplace. Before opening a ticket, we recommend you to go through the knowledge base and check if you find a solution there.

Our support policies and terms depend on the kind of customer you are.

What kind of a customer are you?

Direct Customers

Since you have bought a licensed version of the plugin and opted to pay for the support as well, we assure dedicated and timely support directly from our developers.

You are eligible to receive one click automatic updates of the plugin with some addons and freebies that require purchase verification.

Note: We assure 24 hour response time during weekdays. However, in rare cases, there might be a delay due to heavy support requests and we being located in a different time zone than yours. Your patience and co-operation are highly appreciated.

Direct Customers with Expired Support Period

The default duration for support for any product you buy on Envato Marketplace is 6 months unless you chose to extend it to 12 months at the time of your purchase. We try to provide support to all our customers regardless of the support validity. However, for obvious reasons, the tickets from customers with valid support are placed on higher priority and guaranteed a faster response.

We encourage all customers to have a support validity when you contact us. Your money is what helps us supports our beautiful families and our pay our bills. We love that we’re able to contribute to WordPress, and further WordPress’ mission to democratize publishing.

You can renew your support from here: https://support.brainstormforce.com/renew-support/

Users who have a Bundled version of the Plugin

Generally, the theme author buys an Extended license of the plugin which allows them to bundle it with their theme. In such cases, the theme author is responsible for providing you the support, updates or other resources. Moreover, the purchase code of the theme, doesn’t work for other bundled plugins as they are totally independent products and independent authors.

If you need to keep up with latest updates and get support directly from us, you will need to buy the respective plugin and get your own license.