ConvertPlug lets you set about 7 advanced triggers that can be set on a single click.

These triggers can be set by going to Behavior -> Smart Launch

Smart Launch triggers in ConvertPlug

These are:

  • The Exit Intent: Detects when the user is about to leave the page.
  • After few seconds: Triggers a popup after a specified number of seconds when a user arrives on the page.
  • After User Scrolls: This lets you trigger a popup when a user scrolls a particular amount of the page.
  • User Inactivity: This lets you trigger a popup when a user is found to be inactivity for the specified time period.
  • Launch After Content: This triggers a popup immediately after the user finishes reading or reaches to the end of the main content.
  • Display Inline: When enabled, you can choose to display a popup before or after a post inline on a page.
  • After scroll to certain ID or Class: You can set a number of IDs or class names on a page. This trigger lets you display a popup when the specified IDs or classes are visible in the viewport.

In order to set any of the above triggers, you will have to enable it here and Save and Publish the module.