In order to trigger a module with a CSS class, make sure you are using an element that has the class attribute.

Most of the page builders provide a way to add a extra custom class to their elements.

Just for an example, Visual Composer provides it here:


However – this depends on page builders. The process might be a bit different for Avada, Visual Composer and Cornerstone that comes with X theme. For more information, you can check the documentation of that respective page builder, or ask their developers.

You can check if the given class is successfully applied like this

Once you verify that the class is successfully applied, you can use the same class in the ConvertPlug editor.

Click on Behavior -> Manual Launch -> Launch with CSS Class.

Enter the Class name.

Launch Module with CSS Class


Edit the modal, tweak things. Once you’re satisfied, save & activate it.

And you should be done!