Possible cases for something went wrong message :-

Case 1:- Incorrect form fields integration with mailer.
– You need to set proper form fields for submissions to work. Please refer to the following link for detailed explanation about form integration with your mailer.


Case 2:- Mailer List is removed/ deleted.
– If you have deleted your list (from the mailer) which was integrated with Connects for your style, this will give an error. So, make sure the list which you have connected, must be present on your mailer side.

Case 3:- Your mailer account is expired.
– Many mailers provide free trial accounts. They will give an error, in case, a trial account is not renewed i.e. expired. So, make sure the mailer account you are using does not expire.

Case 4:- Your Mailer API key is modified/ removed
– Please check if your mailer account API key has been modified OR removed from your account. In this case, you need to disconnect your current account from Connects and authenticate the account with the new API key.