WebpageTest Slack automatically test performance / speed of your website with webpagetest.org and send results on slack channel when you upgrade or install plugins, themes, update post, pages or post type.

To use this plugin you need :

1. Webpagetest API key, which you can find here.

2. Slack service URL. Need help to get Slack webhook url? Click here.

After getting API key and service URL, go to Settings > Webpagetest Slack from your WP dashboard, Where you can setup webpagetest slack.

Webpagetest API Key: Enter your webpagetest API key.

URL to Run Test: Enter URL of site, only if you wish to run test on other site and not home site ( where you installed plugin ).

Number of test to Run: Enter number of results which you want to run simultaneously with webpagetest.

Slack Service URL: Enter your slack service URL here. 

Channel: Enter name of slack channel where you want results.

By clicking Run Now button you can make sure that the configuration is working.