ConvertPlug allows you to create attractive modules that can be used as modal popups, slide in popups, infobars, or embedded inline.

It offers you the freedom to embed your module anywhere on the page. You can embed it within the post, after a post, in the sidebar or the widget area of your page. The process is simplified since you have to use the shortcode which is available for all your modules.

1. Manual Trigger – Using Shortcode
2. Smart Trigger

Let us see how we can go about embedding a module on a page.

Embedding a Module within or after a post or in the sidebar

1. Create a Module

Create any Module by opening the respective page

2. Open it in the Editor. Click on Behavior.

Go to the Behavior section in ConvertPlug Editor

3. Open Manual Display

manual-display settings in ConvertPlug Editor

4. Copy the shortcode seen below “Display Inline

display-inline short code in ConvertPlug Editor

5. Paste the shortcode in the desired location.

i. Within a post (modal popup)


ii. After a post


iii. In the sidebar

– Open Widgets


– Add a Text Widget


– Paste the Shortcode in the content section


– Save

You can also use the ConvertPlug Widget that lets you insert a Module in the Sidebar or Widget area with just a few clicks.

In order to know more about ConvertPlug Widget, click here.

Using the Smart Trigger option for After and Before Post

1. Create a Module. Open it in the Editor and Click on “Behavior”

2. Click on Smart Launch

Smart Launch in ConvertPlug Editor

3. Activate the Display Inline Button and select the position

Display Inline smart launch


i. The status of the module you wish to display inline should be set to “Live”

ii. All the design, behavior and submission settings of a module will be inherited in the inline version.