ConvertPlug gives you an opportunity to earn too!

Who is an Envato Affiliate?
A website through which users open an Envato link, signup and purchase place from the marketplace becomes an Envato Affiliate.

What are the Benefits of becoming an Envato Affiliate?
Suppose a user on your website clicks on a link that takes him to the Envato website, signs up or deposits an amount, you earn 30% out of the first transaction he performs on any of the Envato market sites.

To know more about the Envato Affiliate program, refer to the following links:
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Want to be an Envato Affiliate?

Follow the steps below.

1. Select a design a Module.

2. Open it in the Editor.
Click on Design -> Advanced Design Options

Advanced Design option in ConvertPlug Editor

3. Enable the button below “Become an Envato Affiliate
Enter your Envato Username in the textbox below

Become an Envato Affiliate through ConvertPlug