Available from Version 2.3.1

ConvertPlug lets you customize all the templates and layouts to create a suitable one for your campaign. You can design the module to suit your theme and control the behavior to make sure it that the user reacts like you want him to.

It is often seen that many visitors close a popup or an opt-in form immediately without reading the context. In order to avoid this and compel the user to go through the popups or forms, ConvertPlug allows you to display the close link after a few seconds.

In order to work with this option, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Select and design a module according to your needs.

Select a module in ConvertPlug

2. Open it in the editor
Click on Design -> Close Link

Open the Close Link section under Design

3. Enable the “Display Close after few seconds” option and enter the number of seconds you wish to display it after.

Enable Display Close after few Seconds

4. Save and Publish